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Our purpose is to inspire others to learn, connect, and grow through travel.

We want to take you on an adventure...

to show you our beautiful country and to connect you with the people

and the wilderness that we love about Canada.

Our Style

A perfect mix of fun and challenging adventures in nature, inspiring encounters with the local cultureand a dose of wellness for your inner journey.

From first interaction to long after you return home, the Mosaic Earth team is here to guide you on a unique and memorable travel experience. Choose a pre-designed itinerary, or work with us to create something unique to your interests and goals. We offer pre-trip resources to help you prepare for the experience, and a post-trip loyalty program to stay connected and inspired once you're back home.


Through immersive, educational programming, our goal is to inspire cultural understanding and connection, environmental awareness, and personal growth.


Our Values

Travel is a privilege - an opportunity to explore a part of the world that is different and unique from our own. Wherever we land, we're entering someone else's home - whether it be a small town or a vast ecosystem - where respect and a light tread are essential.​

Our foundation is built on the three pillars of sustainability:

Icon - People - Celebrate and Bridge Cultures
Celebrate and Bridge Cultures

From the planning to delivery of our programs, we work collaboratively with communities to design experiences that are reflective of local culture and heritage, ensuring utmost respect and appreciation for customs, traditions and values. Through use of local guides, our programs support authentic engagement and cultural learning. We also work with industry and cultural experts to build robust educational materials and programming to further cultivate cultural understanding and respect. Our goal is to build meaningful partnerships with our hosts, to enhance both community wellbeing, and our traveller experience.

Icon - Planet - Live Well and Leave No Trace
Live Well and Leave No Trace

We do everything we can to protect the lush, biodiverse landscapes and wildlife of Western Canada. This starts by ensuring all nature-based activities are done in partnership with local guides, and follow codes of conduct for wildlife and ecosystem interactions. We make use of active transportation like cycling and hiking whenever possible. We choose only accommodation and tour providers that align with our sustainability values, and strive to build partnerships with local conservation, science and research organizations working to protect our environment. Where we do create impact - through our vehicle and ferry usage primarily - we're working to offset emissions with local, verified impact projects.

Icon - Prosperity - Support Sustainable Development
Support Sustainable Development

We designed our business around Canadian experiences to support our domestic tourism industry. Our programs are intentionally set in remote, rural areas of Canada (those who are open to our visits) in order to bring more economic benefit to these unique corners of our country. The majority of the revenue from our trips is kept local - we employ local guides throughout, stay at locally-owned hotels and campgrounds, enjoy local food and drink, and support other small businesses whenever we can. Our partnerships with industry associations and tourism boards are essential to ensure our programs are aligned with industry goals and are supporting verified businesses.

North Vancouver Island Ocean and Mountain Landscape
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Meet  the Team

Mosaic Earth Travel Founder and Director Pamela Duynstee

Founder & Lead Guide

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With a Masters of Science in International Development and Sustainable Tourism, Pam has dedicated her career to harnessing the power of travel to support the wellbeing of our planet and its people. She is an experienced guide, planner and project manager with a knack for logistics.


Prior to launching Mosaic Earth, Pam worked in sustainable tourism consulting where she helped develop a globally-recognized certification program for tourism businesses and destinations. She has experience in public-private partnerships with a polar expedition cruise operator where she built relationships with world-leading field scientists, conservationists, and educators to facilitate their projects alongside the traveller experience. Pam is an ambassador for the Transformational Travel Council and member of the Adventure Travel Trade Association, and loves to connect with values-driven tourism professionals.

Originally from Ontario, Pam moved to BC in 2016 seeking outdoor adventure, with favourite activities including hiking, sea kayaking, snowboarding, and road trips around this beautiful province.

Mosaic Earth Travel Marketing Coordinator Alex Mrazek

Marketing Coordinator

Alex has spent most of his career working in the tourism and hospitality industry in BC where he has built expertise in digital marketing, web design, and analytics. Having recently worked in tourism and HR, Alex is excited to bring his marketing knowledge and experience to help grow awareness for Mosaic Earth Travel's brand.

Born and raised in the lower mainland, Alex now lives in Lions Bay with his family. He is an avid snowboarder, a movie/tv buff, likes hiking, technology, sushi, and all animals. Alex enjoys traveling along the sea to sky area, Vancouver Island, and Okanagan.

Mosaic Earth Travel Research & Content Coordinator Tolu Amuwo

Research & Content Coordinator

Tolu is an undergraduate student pursuing a degree in Environmental Science at the University of British Columbia. With her specialization in ecology and conservation, naturally she is deeply passionate about protecting and preserving biodiversity and local habitats, as well as helping people connect with natural landscapes. Her previous work experiences have involved travelling to northern and interior BC to collect climate data, which sparked an interest in exploring the diverse ecosystems that BC has to offer. 


Tolu was born in Nigeria and moved to BC at a young age. She has kept up her love for coastal regions and travels to beach towns as much as possible. She spends her time on the water, kayaking, paddleboarding, and from time to time, you can catch her on land, where she hikes and bikes. 

Mosaic Earth Travel Photographer & Assistant Guide Josh McGarel

Photographer & Assistant Guide

An avid photographer for over twelve years, Josh has gained experience with local and international businesses, world-renowned athletes, and individuals to build professional content and brand presence across a variety of platforms. He has worked on assignment for an expedition cruise operator as Photographer in Residence along the East Coast of Canada, South Georgia, and Antarctica. Here, Josh connected with his love of travel as he documented daily excursions, wildlife, and life onboard, and shared his knowledge of photography through presentations and workshops for passengers. 


Hailing from the United Kingdom, Josh has lived in BC since 2014. He spends his time exploring the area by mountain bike and dreaming up crazy photo projects with friends.

Mosaic Earth Travel Assistant Guide Sarah Hain

Assistant Guide

Based on Vancouver Island, Sarah holds a BA in International Development and an MA in Sustainable Leisure Management. Sarah is passionate about elevating responsible tourism practices that benefit both visitors and residents alike while protecting the fragile environment of the places we love to explore. Sarah has experience guiding in Central America where she led multi-day trips up volcanoes and through the remote foothills of Guatemala. She has since partnered with several non-profit tourism organizations in Guatemala, Belize, Canada, and the US to provide transformative experiences for travellers and empower local communities.


When not working, you can find her skiing, fishing, caring for her chickens, and volunteering her time to restore and protect salmon habitats.