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Wellness Travel and Cultural Immersion in Canada’s West Coast of British Columbia
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"Travel ... it's a heightened state of awareness, in which we are mindful, receptive, undimmed by familiarity and ready to be transformed. That is why the best trips... never really end”

- Pico Iyer, Why We Travel

More than a vacation.

At Mosaic Earth, we strive to design a journey that will inspire you to

connect deeply with the people and places you encounter,

to challenge yourself physically and mentally, 

and to learn, stretch and grow from your experiences. 

Our trips integrate the destination's best adventures, nature + culture, and personal wellness.


From sea kayaking to whale watching, hiking to grizzly bear viewing, our trips integrate light adventures led by expert local guides. Our goal is to provide new, immersive, fun experiences for everyone, with a light nudge out of your comfort zone. We recommend a moderate fitness level for all our trips. Adventure activities can be customized based on the interests of the group.

Nature Based Adventure and Sea Kayaking in BC
Cultural Immersion through Indigenous-led Tours and Activities in BC


Learn about and celebrate the cultural history, natural wonders, and current traditions of British Columbia with Indigenous leaders who have inhabited this land for time immemorial. Favourite activities include craft workshops to learn the intricacies of cedar weaving or drum making; storytelling and shared meals; Indigenous-led hikes and wildlife tours; cultural dance performances; and visiting Indigenous art galleries and heritage centres, like the renowned potlatch collection at U'Mista Cultural Centre.


Travel is a the perfect time to disconnect from the busy world and reconnect with ourselves. Our tours include optional activities like morning yoga, massage treatments, and forest therapy. Itineraries are designed to leave space for personal and group reflection, whether that be a morning stroll on the beach, meditation, or conversations around the campfire, to help unpack the learnings of the day.

Wellness and Inner Journey through Yoga, Massage Treatments, and Forest Therapy

Program Features


Our guided experiences are best suited for groups of 4-8 people, where we have two dedicated guides travelling with you throughout. This provides a better opportunity to connect with each other and with our guides and tour partners, while leaving room for custom, personalized experiences based on your needs and interests.


From our first point of contact, we intend to learn what inspires you to travel - your motivations and goals for embarking on an experience with us. Whether you're joining a group trip, or designing a custom experience, these conversations give our team the insight needed to best craft your journey and guide you through the process from start to finish.


Preparation is key - we're an organized bunch. Besides helping you pack the right gear, we want to prepare you to make the most of your time in the destination and to approach the experience with realistic expectations. This means sending over detailed trip notes along with our favourite articles, books, and podcasts to get your mind thinking about the local cultures, ecosystems, and responsible travel philosophies you'll be encountering on your trip.


Our post-trip program includes a dedicated traveller network to support you as you integrate back into everyday life. You'll receive a few check-ins from our team to see how you're doing, and we'll provide any resources of interest for you to continue learning and stoking that wanderlust. This network also provides a way to connect with your fellow travellers as you unwind and unpack, physically and mentally, from the experience.

Sightseeing to Spot Wildlife off the Coast of Vancouver Island

It's all about mindset

We can plan an epic trip for you and your group, but after a certain point, the experience is up to you...

In alignment with the ethos of transformational travel, we invite our guests to bring mindfulness and a HEART persona with them on every adventure.

  • Start HUMBLE: come with an empty cup mentality, an open mind, a willingness to learn and connect, to listen to and understand the land and people you meet.

  • Stay ENGAGED with the present moment; join as a participant, not a spectator; and challenge yourself to embrace the unfamiliar, to be patient and trust what the journey will bring.

  • Be AWAKE and aware of your actions and attitudes, and how they affect you and the people around you; seek different perspectives and see value in other points of view.

  • Embody RESILIENCE and find joy and power in the challenges that travel presents; accept that challenges and the unknown can elevate the experience and allow you to find growth within yourself.

  • Be THANKFUL for the gift of travel, and for the destination you’re in; find gratitude in what is presented to you; Move beyond expectation of 'what can this place provide to me', and consider how we can all positively impact the places we travel.

Ready to come adventuring with us?

Check out our trips, or speak to our team.

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